Pulse Modulators

When fully implemented, the SorA Power pulse system concept produces a complete transmitter pulse modulator housed in a single enclosure. In addition to the components in the pulse system, pulse modulators incorporate a high-voltage DC power supply, hold-off diodes, a switch tube with filament transformer and trigger system, and a protective diode circuit, and other necessary circuitry.

Magnetic switching and solid state switches are also available. SorA Power pulse modulators offer the significant advantages of reduced size and weight. Their compact design eliminates the need for  many expensive electrical connectors, terminals and high-voltage cables, which means that matching the electrical interfaces of the components becomes the responsibility of one knowledgeable source. A single welded enclosure holds everything from the AC power input to the oscillator tube mounting, or magnetron well. This provides the benefits of reduced cost, easier provisioning of spare equipment, and better technical data record-keeping.