Pulse Forming Networks

Pulse forming networks can provide radar transmitters with both high-power main video pulse generation and low-power switch tube triggering. They can also be used as power sources for lasers, flash lamps and particle accelerators. SorA Power's custom-designed PFN's meet the requirements of MIL-N-23182 and are 100 percent performance tested for pulse width, rise and fall time, and  ripple and impedance. Each is operated in a test modulator and checked for dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance and other electrical parameters.

Depending on electrical, thermal and environmental requirements, SorA Power selects internal materials for each application from a variety of capacitor dielectrics (including paper, plastic film, and mica paper), filtered liquid impregnation, and high-grade insulating parts. Cases are of welded construction. Alumina or porcelain bushings are reliably soldered or brazed in place. Hermetic seal testing is performed on every unit. When required for power loss dissipation, radiation fins or expansion bellows are installed on the cases, or liquid coolant heat exchangers are incorporated. SorA Power PFN's use either E line or Darlington circuit configurations. Coils are mounted either internally or externally, depending on power levels.

Special features such as fault protection pressure switches and built-in test (BIT) circuits can be provided as integral features.