Radar Power Supplies

Radar modulators require the generation of high-voltage DC from an AC power source. This is the function of the radar power supply. The power source may be single or three-phase. The latter is available with a combination Delta-wye secondary configuration to minimize ripple on the output voltage. Multiple tapped primary windings can be provided for power source variation. A separate indicator power supply generates the high-voltage DC required by the radar indicator. The power source which drives the high-voltage transformer and voltage multiplier may be AC or DC. DC sources require an inverter.

Where required, SorA Power’s custom-designed radar power supplies are manufactured with diodes, rectifiers, filter capacitors or filter reactors, as well as inverter circuitry, mounted in the same enclosure as the power transformer. Fully tested parts are packaged in rugged, welded cases which are filled with filtered liquid and hermetically sealed. Expansion bellows, radiation fins and liquid coolant heat exchangers are used, as required, for power loss dissipation and high ambient temperatures. Solid encapsulated designs are available for indicator power supplies.