SorA Power Design
The experience of the SorA Power design team spans every type of pulse component and radar system, from low-power, lightweight airborne equipment to high-power, massive, wide-ranging systems.The unique SorA Power advantage is that its pulsed products are designed as matched sets. That means they are developed with common design features and can often be packaged together in a single enclosure. The result: a significant reduction in electrical and mechanical interface problems and fewer concerns once the system is installed. This SorA Power design philosophy also means you benefit from economy in pricing and delivery, and may earn valuable trade-offs in minimized space, lesser weight, lower thermal, decreased failure rate, etc.

Manufacturing and Testing
The skill of the SorA Power design team is backed by the resources of the SorA Power modern, flexible and highly integrated manufacturing and test facilities. Because all operations are controlled in-house, you are assured that SorA Power's expert eyes, hands, and state-of the-art facilities are behind each fabrication, assembly, process, and performance evaluation. From managers to operators, our competent, cooperative staff has the knowledge and experience to meet every challenge generated by our design team. We welcome the opportunity to tell you about the many components and systems SorA Power engineers have designed. If you have any question, or would like to discuss your pulse component needs with our experts, please feel free to call on us any time. Remember, SorA Power can help!